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One of our clinic directors will meet with the child and parent(s). A screening of speech, language, behaviours, and communication skills will be conducted through informal assessment and formal assessment when appropriate. A discussion of the areas of strength and weakness will occur. A consultation report may be given to you at this session highlighting areas of strength, concern and recommendations. If a significant concern is identified at the initial consultation, then assessment sessions will be recommended so that comprehensive testing can be undertaken.
Yes, home therapy is available. A fee will be charged for BCBA BCaBA and SLP: rate varies depending on travel time required.
For generalisation purposes we strongly recommend clinic sessions and/or a combination of home and clinic sessions.

Speech and Language Therapy:
Most extended health benefits cover a portion of therapy; amounts of therapy covered are specific to each plan and each family is encouraged to determine what their coverage would be. Some families may be eligible for funding through the government or through alternate private organizations.
Applied Behaviour Analysis Therapy:
Eligible clients may receive funding from ABA therapy through a provincial organization MCFD (Ministry of Family and Child Development) in the form of Autism Funding from AFU. Our Clinical Directors may assist with this when needed.
Government funding:
The government programs we typically work with include: Autism Funding Unit (AFU) and At Home Program, School-Aged Extended Therapies. Some private organizations that family’s access to include: CanucksAutism, Variety Children’s Charity.
The frequency and length of sessions are determined after the initial consultation when the Consultant has a better idea of your child’s needs. We know that families are busy, so we strive to work with you to figure out a schedule that fits you and your child. On average, our clients attend speech therapy twice a week and attend behavior therapy sessions for 8-10 hours per week. 8-10 hours per week – is considered intensive and highly recommended for toddlers and long-term results.
The Behaviour Consultant in conjunction with the SLP and family will determine the frequency of therapy. Therapy is dependent on the needs of the child, the request of the family, and availability. The amounts of therapy at the clinic vary: some children attend daily, weekly, or at an intensive schedule. Hours of therapy are individualised for each client and created according to his or her need.
We encourage parents to be present during the initial consultation when the screening takes place of speech, behaviour, communication, and language skills. During regular therapy sessions, we welcome parents to be an active participant in all sessions for generalisation once the child is comfortable (Initially and again after at least 12 solo sessions). Some parents will be asked to participate in the latter portion of therapy sessions so that they are fully aware of the targets taught during the session and what the expectation is for homework.

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